Ayesha Curry

Direction: The NMB partnered with Ayesha Curry in 2017 to promote mangos by leveraging her cultural background, known celebrity chef status, and presence among mothers. Together the NMB participated in a media day that would outline and define the messaging and look of the partnership. I assisted in recipe development, creating all social messaging and timelines, website copy, and media day blogging.

Deliverables: 5 social shares, Rachael Ray Show placement, Parents Facebook Live footage, interviews with print and online media outlets including The Kitchn, Munchies, and The Daily Meal, a Facebook Ad Campaign, and 4 new recipes.

Social Shares:

I developed Ayesha’s messaging for all her NMB funded social shares, including the formal announcement of our partnership on Facebook.


The partnership kicked off in April, when the NBA Finals were underway. On the exact day of her announcement share, I realized the Golden Gate Warriors would be playing that night. I created messaging that aligned her announcement with her actual day to day.


I wanted Ayesha’s captions to be as authentic as herself. Creating messaging that came natural and focused on intent rather than promotion was incredibly important. Her Honey Shrimp Instagram share illustrated this.


In 2017 the NMB dove into mangos’ global cultural significance and influence. Highlighting our partners’ unique relationships to mangos from youth to adulthood was one of our primary goals. For her Jerk Chicken recipe, I created messaging that highlighted this relationship to mangos.


The NMB renamed the Ataulfo mango to Honey in 2017. Using Ayesha’s voice to spread this change was a unique opportunity and helped ease the transition.

Broadcast and online media placement:

The NMB provided key messaging for Ayesha during her placement on the Rachael Ray show and Parents Live streaming.

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