Blog Content

Direction: Drive engagement and increase pageviews of the NMB’s blog.

Deliverables: New, original content that unveils the background, influence, and global use of mangos. The work is continuous and ongoing.

Meet Your Mango

Meet Your Mango highlights the parent bloggers that created delicious family-oriented mango recipes for the National Mango Board in 2017. Head over to my Influencer Relationships page for more. Here are some of the social shares that supported the blog:

Give Thanks

Give Thanks sought to connect readers with the hard work of farmers that experienced turmoil in 2017. Hurricane Maria directly impacted the mango industry in its course through Puerto Rico. This effect, along with the many other industries that were affected by natural disasters inspired the Give Thanks blog. Here are some of the social shares:

In the Know with Mango

Even though the National Mango Board provides a surplus of information on selecting, storing and cutting mangos, questions still remain on the not-so-ordinary. The In the Know with Mango blog sought to provide additional insight on the uniqueness of shopping for mangos. Here are some of the blogs shares:

Mangos in Colombia

Mango’s worldwide availability can often cause a disconnect with consumers. Because mangos aren’t sourced worldwide in the states, bridging the gap between the international mango experience with the experience inside the states is difficult. Mangos in Colombia is part of a larger series that highlights the culture of eating mangos in unique countries, including those that don’t export mango to the United States. Here are some social shares for the blog:

Click here for more samples.

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