How-To Video

Direction: The National Mango Board (NMB) created videos to follow the Tasty video trend of overhead recipe shots. The idea came in lieu of recipe development, and 5 videos were selected, 2 how-tos, and 3 recipes.

Deliverables: 5 videos to be released periodically through the summer months, shared on NMB social channels. The videos were also used on the NMB website and provided to partners for use.

We chose an updated video for How-To-Cut because it was the most searched “how-to” on Google in 2016. To date this video webpage is the most viewed on the entire site.

An avocado based recipe was chosen as easy evergreen content. While the video published to coincide with Cinco de Mayo, it would also prove popular for seasonal tailgates and healthy spring recipes.

Since choosing a mango has little to do with color, we chose to produce a video that would show the importance of squeezing a mango to judge ripeness.

With the popularity of “pops,” we chose to reinvent our previously named “Chocolate Mango Sprinklers.” The was significance in renaming the recipe to “Chocolate Mango Pops” to make the content more evergreen, rather than a Fourth of July recipe.

For the final video, we chose a healthy lunch/dinner recipe for foodies and families. The salmon recipe was chosen since it fit well with the bowl trend.


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