Facebook Ad Campaigns

Direction: Drive brand awareness through engagement and CTR, and sweepstakes participation.

The Ayesha Curry campaign sought to drive CTR to her recipes on the NMB website and also activate engagement on social channels.

The Mango Selfie campaign drove sweepstakes participation in Q1 of 2018.


Multiple ads for each campaign with targeted messaging and audiences. Each campaign utilized specific key audiences that focus group studies determined were the core mango purchasers.

The Ayesha Curry campaign lasted two weeks and required heavy monitoring to align and realign funds with the best performing ads.

Ayesha Curry Ad_Harris.png

The Mango Selfie campaign functioned on two timelines; the first preceding the sweepstakes beginning, and the second during the sweepstakes. Preceding ads focused on CTR to website that highlighted the upcoming give-away, and the ads during the sweepstakes focused on driving clicks to Instagram where consumers could submit their entry.

Mango Selfie Ad_Harris.png

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