Share. Mango. Love.

Direction: Continue the Share. Mango. Love. program through language and context to garner attention and engagement from mango fans. While originally a nutrition initiative derived from trips to Mexico and Puerto Rico, it became clear that consumers wanted more than just mango recipes and nutrition facts. With the farm to table trending among consumers, I aimed to transition social content to highlight the origins of mangos.

Deliverables: Social initiatives that included the cultural background of mangos and their native state. I selected imagery and scripted context that would evoke mango’s global influence, and share the perspective on NMB social platforms.

This share was the most engaged post for the NMB in June. Sharing the birthplace of mangos – groves – with readers, time and time again prove to be inspirational. The untouched state of mangos in this image helps tell the story of their beginnings.

The more I’ve spoken to mango-natives (people that grew up eating mangos, most likely outside the U.S.), the more I see that mango are most memorable in their authentic state. Messy mangos, peeled off the skin, or mangos on sticks, gnawing at the seed, are all memories that live with the mango-natives. With this image and caption, I sought to highlight these authentic moments by focusing on the unsuspecting call to action.

Here I used the image to provide context. Using the Share. Mango. Love imagery to provide “ah ha” DYK moments was key. The images represented more than a happy posed moment – they represent a history of and genuine love for this tropical fruit.

This photo’s artisanal diversity motivated me to parallel mangos’ diversity in taste and feel. Research suggests most consumers are unaware of mango variety and taste. Here I created the question to bring awareness to this variety of mangos, this variety that would otherwise go unnoticed in many cases.

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